Saturday, February 11, 2012

LAUNDRY 101 for kids' clothing

  Our customers often ask about laundering their LLK clothing.  Articles of clothing other than shirts, you can just follow the basic rules--most importantly, don't mix lights with darks, or lightweight with heavyweight (ie, blue jeans, etc) in the wash.  Tees and anything with appliques require a little more work.  Here are the steps to follow if you want this item to last through several children or be ready for the resale when it's finally outgrown:     
     1.  Turn the article inside out.
     2.  In cold water, wash by hand or use the gentle cycle of the washing machine.     
     3.  Tumble dry on low for a few minutes, then hang to dry on a plastic hanger.
     4.  Press with a warm iron, if needed.  If you need to press the applique, I like to use a pressing cloth (just a piece of lightweight fabric that you can see through) on top of the design.
     NOTE:  I use polyester thread, which is not supposed to bleed or fade.  If bleeding occurs (most often with reds), use a color run catcher or soak in Oxyclean (the $1 stuff from Dollar Tree works fine).
If you want more information on doing your laundry, go to  She has a lot of general tips on her site, along with a section on doing baby laundry that has some great stain-lifting tips.  Happy laundry day to all!

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